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Go Beyond the Camera - What to do with your photos.

Invest in the art of photography

In a world gone digital, many photographers no longer print their images.

It does not have to be this way and as a portrait client PLEASE begin to think differently. You have 1000 photos and more on your cell phone and you do nothing with them or you have professional portraits taken and you want ALL the photos from the shoot. Did you ever ask your self WHY you want ALL the photos from a professional shoot when you let them sit on your computer, phone, disc or flash drive or in a drawer...correct?

At Florida Family Photos, we do know what to do with photos AFTER the shoot!

We offer affordable prints that are retouched and printed to accurate color.

Our prices are affordable and the results are nothing like the pharmacy you are printing with now.

Gifts- photos can be made into amazing gifts and a lot of lower quality gifts can be found online, but Florida Family Photos offers products that you may not find yourself or not have the time to research the reliable sources. We make sterling silver jewelry and beautiful custom handbags, ornaments, acrylic paperweights and photos that are free standing, metallic wall mounted frames. The list is endless!


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