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Capture the moment - What is photo journalistic portrait photography?

Photojournalist photography by definition means to capture that single moment in time and give viewers the sense that they're a part of it. The photographer is not directing the scene as in a posed portrait. Instead, the goal is to blend into the background and become a shadow figure (unlike the paparazzi). They are there to observe and capture, not become the story or interrupt it.

Photojournalism is characterized by the use of images to tell a story.

People have been using images to depict events for centuries, from rock paintings to engravings in major newspapers. Photographers take pictures of nouns like people, places and things. Photojournalists shoot action verbs like running, talking and other types of interacting while being photographed. is unique because the story telling style of a true photojournalist approach is what photographer, Sally Ullman owner of FFP, has been doing as an award winning published photographer for decades.

Let her skill tell your story in beautiful photographs...

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