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These are the special moments...

that require a skilled photographer to capture! Sally has the skill to combine lighting situations and

work with moments that cannot be repeated.

Welcome to Sally Ullman Photography.  Sally is an award winning photographer with a passion for excellence in her work. She loves being the photographer of choice for generations of families. As a seasoned photojournalist, Sally has traveled on assignment for many national magazines, books and received awards for excellence in photography and as a community volunteer. She also travels to Africa, exhibits her African work and has published a book of her photographs. 

"Let me tell your story" is her theme; which clearly tells you her goal is to create a portfolio of memories for each family and wedding she photographs. Her years of experience have taught her how to be prepared for any type of photography. She exhibits the patience and love for photography which is evident with each photograph as she makes the session fun, relaxing and organized so the memories are unforgettable!


Sally is an expert at capturing moments for proposals, engagements, weddings, and vow renewals! She has shot many surprise engagements and worked with a family member to provide timing and expertise to make that special moment a success!

"Paparazzi" Photography 

Sally can be a Paparazzi at any event- All the photos can be captured and sent directly to you or posted on Facebook for an instant share and download! Inquire about the Paparazzi Party package!

Proposals and Engagements

Why not make this special occasion a professional photographic memory! Sally can guide you to locations and then you can feature these photographs as your invitations, save the dates and later in the wedding or reception slide shows!



The special day and the moments that can never be repeated!

Be prepared with a photographer that knows where to be, what to do and handle all lighting and creative moments! Sally has been a photojournalist and traveled extensively on assignment. She has the knowledge and preparation for all lighting situations and as an artist will produce creative photographs in many different finishes, Black & White, Retro, Vintage and many more...


Do you want your wedding to be on the beach? 

Only someone that has the combined lighting expertise can feel comfortable on the beach. Florida has so many special beaches and the time of day to plan the wedding is a consideration for optimal light!


Vow Renewal

The Wedding Anniversary!

The renewal of a long marriage, a one year anniversary are all reasons to have a special ceremony to commemorate this event in your life! Sally has photographed many surprise renewals with couples or with the entire family present and then preserved those memories in a generational photograph to last forever!

 Make special moments happen! Take time to create portrait histories!

Sally Ullman Photography is the choice!

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