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Kids being Kids

Sally loves the spontaneity of kids!  Whatever the children want to do is a pleasure to watch and capture in beautiful photographs to treasure from your vacation.  Playing in the sand, running along the beach and jumping into parents arms are all magical, spontaneous moments meant to be photographed.


Maternity sessions are incredibly special! Choosing to be photographed while pregnant gives you the opportunity to show your baby how proud you were before the birth. Children are fascinated to see the connection and creating a special photograph enhances the experience forever! These sessions can be done anywhere, beach, your home, or  my studio.


Sally is the photographer of choice for many families from pregnancy to the birth of their first child, to graduation and off to college! 

She is still relied on to fly back to Pennsylvania to capture moments for clients after moving to the beach on Florida's beautiful Gulf Coast. 

To Secure Your Session Date and Time Submit Your Deposit and someone will contact you after receipt. 

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